Supplying High Quality Timber At Affordable Prices
Supplying High Quality Timber At Affordable Prices

Railway Sleepers

Sleepers are huge part of our business and we offer many different styles and sizes. Below you will find what sleepers we stock. Sleepers can provide robust features when used with decks or in general landscaping such as steps, raised plant beds and retaining walls.



195mm x 95mm x 2.4m - Green Treated


200mm x 100mm x 2.4m Sleeper - Brown Treated


200mm x 100mm x 3.0m Sleeper - Available Green & Brown


200mm x 100mm x 2.4m Smooth Sleeper with chamfered edges            Available Green & Brown


250mm x 125mm x 2.4m Larger Sleeper - Green treated


250mm x 125mm x 2.4m Brushwood Sleeper




We also have 50mm x 47mm pointed pegs which are used to hold the sleepers in place, these come in 0.6m and 1.2m lengths.


We also stock timber hex head screws which are used to connect the sleepers together these come in following lengths


100mm / 150mm / 200mm & 250mm


These can be bought in boxes of 100 for the 100mm & 150mm and boxes of 50 for the 200mm & 250mm length of screws.



Green treated sleepers.


Our 195mm x 95mm x 2.4m green treated sleepers.


Brown treated also available at a 2.4m and also 3m in green and brown.






Our 200mm x 100mm smooth & chamfered sleepers available in 2.4m lengths both green and brown treated as seen here.




Our 250mm x 125mm x 2.4m Brushwood Sleeper.


Brown treated before flame enhanced to bring the grains to the surface to give it a charred look.


This would go great along with our Brushwood Decking.

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