Supplying High Quality Timber At Affordable Prices
Supplying High Quality Timber At Affordable Prices

All our fence slats are the standard 19mm thick, not the 18mm or 16mm found at other merchants. We like to supply good strong quality timber fencing. Our fencing timbers come pressure treated which means it is ready to be used outside. 


Fence Slats


50mm Wide / 2 inch wide

50mm x 19mm x 1.8m 


75mm Wide / 3 inch wide 

75mm x 19mm x 1.8m Green & Brown Treated 


100mm Wide / 4 inch wide                 

100mm x 19mm x 0.9m

100mm x 19mm x 1.2m

100mm x 19mm x 1.5m

100mm x 19mm x 1.8m Green & Brown Treated 

100mm x 19mm x 3.6m



150mm Wide / 6 inch wide

150mm x 19mm x 1.2m

150mm x 19mm x 1.8m Green & Brown Treated 

150mm x 19mm x 3.6m

150mm x 19mm x 4.8m


150mm x 19mm and 100mm x 19mm both 3.6m long slats in our yard.

Fence Posts

75mm = 3inch 

100mm = 4inch 

150mm = 6inch 

Pointed Posts


50mm x 47mm x 0.6M / 2ft

50mm x 47mm x 1.2M / 4ft


75mm x 75mm x 1.8M / 6ft


Square Ended Posts


75mm x 75mm x 1.5M / 5ft

75mm x 75mm x 1.8M / 6ft

75mm x 75mm x 2.4M / 8ft


100mm x 100mm x 1.8M / 6ft

100mm x 100mm x 2.4M / 8ft Green & Brown Treated 

100mm x 100mm x 3.0M / 10ft


Elite Grooved fence panel H post


90mm x 90mm x 2.4m H-Posts


The Elite grooved H Posts are the simplest component to use when erecting a fence. The "H" shaped post allows for fence panels to easily slot in place without the need for metal U-clips. These posts are planed pressure-treated and grooved to match the Elite style fence panels.




75mm x 38mm x 3.6M Fence Rail Green & Brown Treated 


90mm x 25mm x 3.6M Capping Rail 


Our 90 x 25 capping rail is a nice finishing touch to any height of fence. 

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