Supplying High Quality Timber At Affordable Prices
Supplying High Quality Timber At Affordable Prices

Driveway Gates

Driveway gates are a great addition to a property boundary. They help identify the main entrance and exit of the property as well as having the additional functionality of creating a secure space around your home. 


See below the styles and sizes of driveway gates we supply. We also stock gate posts to hang the gates from as well as a full range of ironmongery such as hinges and dropbolts to secure the gates in place. 

Fortress Driveway Gates


The Fortress Gate offer a traditional style driveway gate made strong and secure by thick framing and rear bracing. Each gate is pressure-treated for protection from wood rot with Mortise and Tenon joints.


Available in the following sizes.


900mm (h) x 2.4m (w) x 68mm (d) £264.00 


900mm (h) x 2.7m (w) x 68mm (d) £285.00 All Priced include VAT 


900mm (h) x 3.0m (w) x 68mm (d) £306.00


Fortress Tall Driveway Gates


The tall double gates add extra security to your front garden. Pressure-treated for protection and with rear structural bracing, this gate us constructed using Mortise and Tenon joints.


Available in the following sizes


1.8m (h) x 2.4m (w) x 68mm (d) £420.00


1.8m (h) x 2.7m (w) x 68mm (d) £480.00 All prices include VAT 


1.8m (h) x 3.0m (w) x 68mm (d) £510.00 

Omega Driveway Gates


A superb set of sturdy gates that are guaranteed

to add a touch of class to any driveway.


1.3m (H) x 150m (W) x 37mm (D) = £264.00 Price includes VAT 

Gate Posts - Pressure Treated & with a pyramid top


150mm x 150mm x 1.8m = £19.20 


150mm x 150mm x 2.4m = £25.20  all prices include VAT


150mm x 150mm x 3.0m = £32.10 

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